Monday, November 14, 2011

Internship Courses UK. January 2012

Placement Programmes in the UK. January 2012 Intake
Many students have been asking about internship courses (study and work courses) in the UK. Here's most of them listed for your review, all starting in January 2012:

Nottingham Trent University
MSc Chemistry*
MSc Engineering (Cybernetics and Communications)*
MSc Engineering (Electronics)*
MSc Engineering Management*
MSc Multimedia Engineering*
* all contain optional one year placement

University of Plymouth
MSc Network Systems Engineering (1 Year optional Placement)
MSc/MRes Computer and Information Security (1 Year optional Placement)

Leeds Metropolitan University
MSc International Hospitality Management 
The course duration is 2 years in total, of which the year 2 is the paid placement year

University of Bedfordshire
MSc Hospitality and Hotel Business Management
The course is 18 months, with a 6 months placement

Sheffield Hallam University
MSc International Hospitality Management
The course is 18 months, with a 6 months placement

BPP University College
MSc Management
The course is 18 months, with a 6 months placement

University of Greenwich
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
The course duration is 2 years, of which the year 2 is the placement year. This programme is available to students who are fresh graduates

South Thames College London
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
The study part of the course is 2 years, to which add 6 months work in each making it a 3 year BBA course with placements

  • Please check the University websites and course details for more information on the terms and conditions of the getting the placement
  • The list is true as of date when this post is published
  • You may contact ILW for complete information. ILW can help you apply to all courses listed above. All services are free of cost for students at ILW

Visa Duration:
Tier 4 Visa: In general, a student gets an additional visa period of 4 months over and above the number of months of course duration. eg. If your course is 12 months, you may get a visa for 16 months. Thus, in case of Leeds Metropolitan University above, you may get a study visa valid for 28 months (24 months study duration + 4 months additional period)


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